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    Frederic Koklen Boutique Hotel

    Frederic Koklen Boutique Hotel, Odessa


    The intimate, cozy and upscale Frederic Koklen Boutique Hotel is located right in the heart of Odessa’s historic city center, just minutes from the legendary Potemkin Steps, beautiful Primorsky boulevard and famous Deribasovskaya street. The Frederic Koklen accents unique atmosphere of a boutique hotel and intimate style of service, offering a haven of quiet luxury for guests seeking the ambience of their very own second home in Odessa. The hotel's interior features classic décor, with each floor being designed in its own distinct style: exquisite French, respectable English and inviting Spanish. Each room in the hotel is unique. Decorated with paintings and antiques, the Frederic Koklen’s beautiful halls create the charming ambiance of a century old historic mansion and Odessa’s past. 

    Небольшая история о Frederic Koklen


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    7 Nekrasova lane,  Odessa, 65082, Ukraine Telephone +38 048 737 55 53E-mailoffice@koklenhotel.com Hotel Skype fkhotel
    General Information
    • The only hotel in Odessa, winner in the Traveller Choice Tripadvisor from the opening
    •  #1 on Tripadvisor
    • The only hotel in Odessa, winner of World Luxury Hotel Awards
    • The highest among Odessa’s hotels rating - 9.6 on Booking.com

    Hotel Awards

    What Our Guests Say


    301 Reviews
    #1 of 88 Hotels in Odessa
    Nikolaev, Ukraine

    “The best hotel in Odessa! And not only!”

    Review written 19 april 2018
    Koklen impressed me with amazing kindness and home comfort. The hotel has surpassed all my expectations. All: the level of service, professional and friendly staff, fantastic breakfasts. Great design. Location in the present Odessa center)))), where the inhabitants of Odessa live)))) The hotel has several years, but everything is preserved and maintained in excellent condition. In this hotel - everything is harmonious! Thanks to everyone who cared about me and made my stay here so comfortable and exquisite !!! But most of all I was amazed by the smiles and goodwill of not only the staff, but also the guests !!! And this is the most weighty argument, why it is necessary to live in this hotel, at least a couple of days !! A powerful anti-stress !!!!
    uri k
    Ashdod, Israel

    “Was surprised”

    Review written 6 april 2018
    They ordered early check-in and everything was ready in the early morning. Very good hotel is a large room with a very cushy bed. We prefer a solid mattress and got what we wanted-perfectly well asleep. Bed linen is simply gorgeous now I want to buy this for home. The room has a teapot and tea bags. I would add more sachets of black coffee. Every day we had bottles with mineral water and water for cleaning teeth. Very good soundproofing in the room. There is a minibar. There are not enough TV programs but this is for those who prefer to spend time in the room. The hotel is on the level and even higher than foreign hotels. For owners of the hotel - if there was a place to arrange a dry and wet sauna somewhere in the basement of the building, I would not leave.
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    That’s why “Frederic Koklen” is among the best 5 hotels in Ukraine

    Are you going to Odessa, but you don’t know where to stay? If you want to feel a truly special taste of this picturesque city by the Black Sea, welcome to the “Frederic Koklen”.

    The first boutique hotel in Odessa is located in the side street Nekrasov, 7, in a historical building of the XIX century. Over the last 200 years a lot of eminent personalities visited the house and became a part of its life.

    In addition to the noble origin, a great advantage of this place is its location. In order to see the main streets, you needn’t spend much time on the road as “Frederic Koklen” is within some minutes of walking distance from the famous points of interest:

    Homely atmosphere and family warmth comfort reign here

    One of the most luxury hotels in Odessa is not only surprising for its hospitality and geniality, but also it provides ideal living conditions for all the guests:

    The rooms are equipped with the facilities that you need for a comfortable rest:

    Moreover, you will be as safe as at home:

    If you need a personal interpreter, we will supply you with this service.

    Each room is a separate world

    “Frederic Koklen” is a pearl of style and comfort. The hotel consists of 17 comfy rooms, 7 of which are exquisite junior and elegant luxury suites. They occupy 3 floors, made in three different styles:

    1. The classic “French” with a romantic tinge is on the second floor;
    2. “English” with an aristocratic manner is on the third floor;
    3. Passionate “Spanish” is on the fourth floor.

    The only hotel in Odessa in Ukraine, becoming the winner of the prestigious international competition “World Luxury Hotel Awards”, has a unique design. You will find no similar room. Each of them is unrepeatable and has an exclusive design and original color gamut.

    The rooms and halls are decorated with paintings by famous artists, antique furniture and other valuable accessories. Also you are offered to draw attention to the interior, trimmed with some high-priced materials:

    However, they are only the usual decorations compared with the thing lies ahead of you.

    A wonderful view from the window

    Do you want to have the city center opened spread before your eyes? Just look out of the window and you will see everything including the impressive scenery of odessa patio.

    This corner is decorated with old, centenary trees, there is a rare pink chestnut among of them. It is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with real “South Palmyra” and become a part of it at least not for a long time.

    Have you dreamt to try a traditional cuisine? Go down to the first floor to the restaurant “Sophie Café”. Helpful waiters will advise you, what meal is better to order to satisfy your gastronomic interest.

    P.S. There is a restaurant menu with a detailing description and actual cost of all dishes on the site.

    You will remember such a holiday as a little adventure. Indulge yourself in this pleasure.