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  • Leaving the Frederic Koklen, walk right on Nekrasova lane and start walking down the lane till you hit the smallest and one of the oldest streets in Odessa's historic city center – Gogolya street. Turn right on Gogolya street and then take the first turn left. Walk passed the Tolstoy palace on to Sabaneev brigde. A  couple of minutes walk from the hotel and you'll find yourself right in the heart of the historic city center – Ekateriniskaya square, recognized as the best arhictectural complex in Europe at the 1901 International Fair in Paris.

    Odesseans love to say that towering over the square the monument to the Odessa's Founders symbolizes our gratitude to Catherine the Great and the city's founders. As it was Catherine ll who signed the decree in 1794 to found a new city and port for commercial and military vessels.

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