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  • Odessa has an enchanting mix of cultures, fascinating architecture and interesting history, well worth exploring. Even if you have just a few spare days, you should definitely come to Odessa, discover its amazing story and see the sights. With proper planning an extended weekend will be enough to get a good feel for the city.

     And here are a few ideas from the Frederic Koklen Concierge service to help you plan your time in Odessa.

    Day 1


    Get some rest in your comfortable room; use our signature room service to have a light snack or a good cup of coffee.


    Put on comfortable shoes and start your walk around Odessa’s historic city center. Don’t forget to pick up a tour route from our Concierge service. And if you decide to go beyond the standard tour route and see Odessa off-the-beaten path, ask our Concierge to arrange for a knowledgeable guide to take you on a tour. During the tour, you’ll discover Odessa’s “Golden Age”, take in the city’s ambiance and learn little known historic facts.


    Have dinner at Sophie Café, one of Odessa’s top rated restaurants. Enjoy its romantic ambiance, live piano and delicious European and local food. Our Concierge Service will reserve a table for you at Sophie Café or at any other restaurant.

    Day 2


    Enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast at the restaurant on the first floor of the Frederic Koklen. Select a breakfast of your choice from the breakfast menu designed by our Chef.


    Odessa is soaked with legends and stories, which you should definitely hear! Want to step aside from the downtown’s traditional routes and learn if there’s anything else there besides Primorsky Boulevard and Deribasovskaya street? Then, this walk is for you! Totally off the beaten track, this walking tour takes you through the area, which lies across the road from Deribasovskaya, and takes you further to the quarters once populated by the city’s first craftsmen, later by artists, doctors and men of science. This is the area where the oldest city market and the second in the world bacteriological lab are. And if you want to hear a few stories about criminal Odessa (yep, Odessa used to be reallyyyy infamous for its criminal world and could be easily called “Russian Chicago” of 1930s), you should definitely go!

    Our Concierge will recommend you a knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide for this entertaining and interesting tour.


    You should certainly visit the Odessa’s National Opera and Ballet Theater, included by Forbes into the list of the Most Significant Sights of Eastern Europe. Enjoy the opera and ballet performances, some of which have been performed since the theater’s opening; marvel at the splendid theater’s interiors and superb acoustics.

    Our Concierge will purchase tickets for the best seats and have them delivered to the hotel.

    Day 3


    Following a lavish breakfast, take a walk along Primorsky Boulevard to breathe fresh sea air. Walk down the famous Potemkin Steps. You’ll find yourself standing in front of the cruise port, the place of arrival of cruise ships and boats. You’ll find here a marina where you can get on a boat and sail along the shoreline or go fishing. Our Concierge will be happy to arrange a boat trip for a morning sailing or fishing.


    Spend afternoon shopping and buying souvenirs for your family and relatives. We recommend going to the souvenir market on Sobornaya square and in City Garden, where local traders and artists sell souvenirs and hand made paintings.

    Deribasovskaya, Rischelievskaya, Ekateriniskaya streets are the location of many world known brands: Max Mara, Escada, Paul&Shark, Mango, Boss. Multi-brand boutiques, such as Symbol and Soho Rooms feature new collections of global brands.


    After a tedious day, order a relaxing massage to your room.

    Contact our Concierge service in advance to arrange this service.

    These are just a few ideas of what you can see and do it Odessa during your three-day visit. But it’s by far not all! When you visit Odessa next time, you’ll be surprised to see new places and hear new exciting stories, which are a big part of the city’s history.

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